Dan's Bio

Dan Gordon was born in 1953 in New York City and graduated from Oakland University in Michigan in 1976 with a strong background in mathematics and statistics. He has followed sports, especially the NFL and NBA, closely since the early 1960s.

Shortly after graduating from college, Dan put his sports and mathematical backgrounds together as he began to handicap and bet on football and basketball games. For over 30 years, Dan has been a very significant winner betting and handicapping NFL and NBA games, as well as an advisor to bettors over the years, helping them win money in these two sports.

In the 1980s Dan wrote NFL and NBA handicapping and prediction columns for a number of newspapers, including the New York Daily News, College and Pro Football Newsweekly, San Francisco Examiner, Los Angeles Herald Examiner, and Boston Herald, as well as several other magazines and newspapers. From 1982-1990, Dan was an advisor to Pete Axthelm, who made NFL point spread predictions on NBC and ESPN.

Dan is the author of Beat the Sports Books: An Insider's Guide to Betting the NFL, a book that explains in detail how anyone can win money betting the NFL, and says that his consistent win record comes from basing his decisions on "emotional models, power ratings and an instinctive feel for 'value.' I make my own line on every game before seeing the sports books lines and never bet against my numbers!! Also, unlike most 'handicappers,' my numbers are truly original and are made before seeing any other numbers."

In the 2008-09 sports season, Dan won betting for himself and was very successful selecting winners for his clients. He won in both sports and had a total record of 83-63-2 (56.8%) in selections for his clients. Over his career, Dan has won over 56% of his betting selections. Clients following Dan's selections have also won over 56% of his selections, covering over 2,800 selections!!

Nowadays, Dan continues to bet the NFL and NBA successfully, advises clients who bet, and occasionally acts as a consultant to several sports books. Shortly, Dan will also be completing a most original book, Memoirs of an Earner, which will detail his long and storied career as a bettor and a handicapper. This book will have insights into wagering and into life itself that have never been covered before by anyone!! Dan now lives in Yonkers, New York.

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