Game 7 Celtic-Laker Selection

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Game 7 Boston Celtic-Los Angeles Laker selection: Originally Posted on the NBA Pick board the early afternoon (Eastern time) on 6/17. In this game I selected the Celtics at +7 over the Lakers. Covering the spread the entire game and winning OUTRIGHT FOR MOST OF IT, the Celtics won the money in their four point loss. In this post, I CORRECTLY predicted that: 1) This game figured to be the first one of the series to be decided by five points or less, 2) That the game would be decided in the late going and would also--for the first time in 48 years and nine straight such games where this occurance did NOT happen--see a lead change in the fourth quarter or later (overtime), which, again had not happened in the seventh game of an NBA Finals game since 1962!! The result of this game was a four point Laker win and with just under six minutes left in it, Kobe Bryant made two foul shots to give the Lakers, who had not lead since the second quarter, a 66-64 lead.

Though not posted in this thread, for the record, my pre-series pick was the Lakers in seven. Once again, I tabbed the series winner and once again called this in the right number of games!!

And lastly, for clients I CORRECTLY predicted which way the point-spread would move in this game--went down from +7 on Boston to a +6 1/2 or +6 closing price.

Selection tonight are the Boston Celtics +7 or more for a normal play. I held off since I felt that this price might go up with Perkins out. Now I feel that it is most likely to go down to +6 1/2 or +6. Take the +7 ASAP.

One interesting stat on this game: EVERY NBA title series--the last 26!!-- since 1983 has had at least one game decided by five or fewer points. It seems most surprising that a very competitive series like this one-=-now six games in--has not. If it does so in this game, obviously we will win the play. I believe that for one game that the Boston Celtics will be able--at least somewhat--be able to cope without Perkins. In even or behind situations in this year's playoffs, the Boston Celtics off of a loss are a perfect 4-0 to the number including underdog outright wins in Cleveland and LA. I feel that they will bounce back well from their horrid Game 6 performance. Also, the Boston Celtics not only missed 15 (mostly easy) layups in Game 6 but a number of other open shots as well. Tonight, they won't miss nearly as many such shots and will shot far better than the 33% they shot the other night.

Before this series began, my good friend Pizza Pie Face agreed with my Los Angeles Lakers in 7 pre-series pick. Pizza Pie Face also predicted that this would be the first game 7 of an NBA Finals since 1962 that would have a lead chance AFTER the start of the fourth quarter (that Game 7 in 1962 actually had two lead changes in OVERTIME!!). I feel that Pizza Pie Face will end up being correct in that prediction.

Game should go down to the final seconds which makes a bet at +7 have great NBA handicapping and point-spread value.

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