"Dan Gordon has been a true find in the often shady arena of sports handicapping. I have used many other betting services in the past and have been scammed by services claiming 'fixed games' and lies about winning percentages. Dan Gordon's sports service has truly been a first-class experience. He stresses honesty, betting discipline, money management, and patience and this has brought me the first profitable NFL and NBA seasons that I have ever had.

"I am now learning from one of the very few long-term winning players. He is teaching me how to be an earner (a long-term successful bettor), instead of a steady loser. I have been very pleased with his service and look forward to continuing winning as one of his clients."

— J. Hanks, personal client

"I've been winning with Dan Gordon's NFL and NBA selections over the last four years. I fully expect to win following his advice this year as well. Gordon has been 'capping for nearly 30 years and his techniques are extremely solid. Gordon's reasoning on his NFL and NBA selections is fantastic and he has such a masterful grasp of his subject that he can often expound upon any pick for pages. Gordon has a work ethic that I believe to be unparalleled. He totally encapsulates himself into his 'capping and finding good value for his customers. Also, Gordon will not release picks lightly — he has no need for action, and has extreme patience. When Gordon releases a pick you can back it with confidence. I have complete trust in Dan Gordon's selections and can hardly wait to get started backing his winning advice with cash — lots of cash!!"

— Phil S., client

"I had the pleasure of being a client of Dan Gordon's during the 2008 NFL and 2008-09 NBA seasons. I was very pleased with the professional manner in which Dan ran the service. This includes the timeliness of his selections as well as the write ups, especially the NFL ones. Additionally, and MOST IMPORTANT, he was a significant winner in both seasons and his suggested 'strike points' and timing of bets on games were very good. In other words, by post time, the number had often moved 'his' way. And in addition, I have known Dan for over ten years and in all my various dealings with him he has shown the utmost integrity."

— Sam Foxx, private client

"Dan Gordon's 'value + motivation' approach to betting the NBA and NFL, disciplined money management strategy, coupled with his meticulous selection criteria has made him a consistent winner year after year. Most handicappers will have their 60%+ runs, but no one can boast the consistency of performance Dan has produced. Most so-called pros, and I have tried many, do not even win at all in the long-run. I have read Dan's books, played his selections, and, most recently, had the pleasure of meeting him. I can personally attest to the fact that my investment in Dan Gordon's plays, employing proper money management techniques, is, by far, my best and most consistently performing investment."

— Bob Kinnie, client

"I have been using Dan Gordon's NFL/NBA selections since 1997. A huge advantage you receive with Dan is getting the NFL selections early Monday morning for the current week's games, which means you get the best line before the wiseguys move the line. Other services sell you their late phones and give out the games on Sunday morning at 10 AM or later. By the time you go to bet the games, the line has changed and the value is gone. Dan gives you the selections early in the week and on Thursday you receive his written analysis of his selections and additional opinions on the other games. The selections you receive from Dan are backed with solid reasoning and power ratings."

— Nick R., personal client

"I have been a customer of Dan Gordon's for eight years. Dan puts in the work to ensure he knows all the details, so his opinions are informed ones. And he puts his money where his mouth is; he bets his selections as well. There are no magic formulas for winning at sports betting; the bettor just has to grind it out. But the bettor doesn't have to do everything himself, if he follows good advice. Unfortunately, there isn't much good advice out there. But there is some: I believe that Dan Gordon has a long-term edge in sports betting."

— John M., professional gambler and personal client

"As a client of Dan's for many years, I know that he is a long-term winner. He always makes sure there is value in his selections and predicts line-moves with uncanny accuracy to make sure you get the best number.
"While I am hesitant to tell anyone how to invest his money, when he has a wager on an NFL favorite, it is one of the best investments I have ever known."

— Bart S., personal client

"Dan is the genuine article — a handicapper of professional football and basketball so skilled at what he does, that he has picked about 56% winners in the two sports combined for the past twenty years. That he has had such great success is all the more remarkable when we note that many experts consider professional football to be the hardest of all the sports to beat on a consistent basis."

— Don Schlesinger, author of Blackjack Attack: Playing the Pros' Way

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