Before You Order (FAQ)

Who is Dan Gordon? What is his record?

For some background information on Dan's extensive history as a professional handicapper, as well as his 10-year record, click on Dan's Bio and NFL/NBA Record at the left.

When will the first selections be made by Dan Gordon on this site?

The first selections will be made over the Labor Day Weekend (on 9/4 and 9/5). These selections will be made for the Week One NFL games, which will be played between 9/8 and 9/12. In addition, some NFL season over/under win selections will also probably be made at this time. It is also possible that some future (winning the Super Bowl, Conference, Division, etc.) selections will be posted at this time as well.

How are selections received by clients?

All NFL and NBA selections are sent out from to clients via "mass e-mail." This send out will take place the second that Dan posts them in the NFL or NBA Picks forum. These selections will also remain posted on the site, as well.

Let's say I have a question to ask Dan about one of his selections or want to state my own opinion about them. How would I do that?

All clients can post in the NFL and/or NBA discussion forums. Dan will answer any questions you have ASAP. Clients can also have (and are encouraged to have) "discussions" amongst themselves on this part of the site. Posts made in the two discussion forums are NOT mass e-mailed out to clients.

How are Dan's selections "graded"? How do I know if a selection of his won or lost?

When Dan posts ANY NFL and NBA selection he also states the parameters of it. This means he states the price that one needs to wager on the selection. Dan also mentions with every selection how strongly he feels about it. Dan's categories on his selections are: Small, Normal (the vast majority of his selections), and Strong.

And in just about every case, Dan will "grade" any selection he makes BEFORE the game begins (many sports services conveniently do the "grading" process AFTER the game is complete). In this grading, Dan judges, as well as possible, if the "strike point" he mentioned was readily available for clients. If he judges that it was NOT, the game is not graded and is not counted in the service record. If he judges that the "strike point" was readily available, the game is graded and counted in the service record.

Some people might be skeptical of Dan's self-grading. However, let the record show that, in the last three full seasons of Dan's self-grading of his NFL AND NBA selections that there were fewer than ten times where clients of Dan felt that he had done a poor job of grading himself.

While grading selections in a way that will please all is not possible 100% of the time (the fact that different clients have different betting line access is just one reason that this is so), Dan has shown that he is being as fair as is possible in his self-grading.
And, in any event, if you are dissatisfied with Dan's grading of his selections, you can certainly post in the discussion site and mention that to him.

Let's say that I become a dissatisfied client of Dan's. Can I then request and get a refund?

Dan's policy has ALWAYS been that if a client is dissatisfied with his service he can ask for and then receive a pro rata refund for the unused part of the subscription. This will continue to be his policy in the 2009-2010 NFL and NBA seasons.

When are Dan's NFL and NBA selections posted?

In the NFL one should be ready to receive Dan's first selections early on Monday morning (by about 7:30AM PT). Other selections will be posted at various times later in the week. Team developments and line moves will determine the times that these selections will be posted. If Dan is going against late line moves, he could be posting NFL selections on Sunday close to game time. In this instance, Dan alerts clients of this possibility on Saturday night. A client should have some way of being "alerted" by his or her computer or BlackBerry when a message (possibly a selection from Dan that has been mass e-mailed from the site) has been received.

In the NBA, one should be ready to receive possible selections at about 1:00PM PT the day before the games are being played. NBA clients are VERY strongly encouraged to have places to make their NBA bets that take "overnight" action. Another time where it is most possible that Dan will make NBA selections is around 7:30AM PT on the day of the game. One should have one's computer/BlackBerry turned on at about those times. NBA selections might come at other times, but the above times will be the ones at which the significant majority of his selections will be posted.

How many NFL and NBA selections can I expect from Dan in a "normal" week?

There is no clear-cut answer to this question. In the NFL, Dan usually makes between one and five selections per week. However, he does not "tie himself down" to any particular number of selections. If his numbers and betting models (which cover all possible situations of games) indicate a side has a significant edge in a game, Dan will recommend it to his clients. For the record, in his almost 30 years of betting the NFL Dan has NEVER bet over eight games in one week and sometimes — on rather rare occasions — has been known to pass the board. Unlike many touts, Dan does not want to give his clients selections just for the purpose of giving them "action." Dan ONLY gives out selections when he feels that there is a significant financial edge in betting them.
In the NBA, the number of games given out in a week can vary greatly. As in the NFL, if the game fits certain emotional parameters and HAS A PRICE VALUE, Dan will give it out to clients. It is possible that Dan might pass for three or four days in a row and then give out three or four selections on the following day. As in the NFL, Dan treats handicapping/betting the NBA as a business — for himself and his clients.
Clients looking to bet NFL and NBA games just for "action" and "the thrill of betting" should seek another sports service to act as their betting advisor.

What are the realistic percentages that I can expect to win following Dan's NFL and NBA selections?

Going back to the 1996 NFL season, Dan has won over 56% of the time on his combined NFL and NBA selections. One can expect a similar winning mark this season. In general, winning sports bettors win between 55-60% of their point spread bets in a given season. Of course, the client also partly determines how he will do. The more betting outlets and the more varied numbers a client has access to, the better will be his winning percentage in the long run.

While some feel that winning 56% of his spread bets is nothing "special," the mathematical fact is that a 56% winning percentage means that one is, in the long run, getting a 7.6% plus return on a given investment. Such a good percentage return can be found in few other financial endeavors.

One thing that Dan will NEVER mention are "LOCK GAMES" or nonsense like games "to bet the house on" or "back up the truck for." Anyone who has bet sports for over a month easily can see that the difference between winning and losing can be quite small in a given game. In addition just about any game or event has an almost infinite number of ways that it can be "played out." Some of these scenarios can include occurrences that were totally unforeseen BEFORE the game began (like a key injury).

Thus while the long-term returns of following Dan's NFL and NBA selections have been very good over the years, Dan realizes that all sorts of bad events can happen in the short term — like one game. Thus Dan stresses conservative money management and discourages clients from betting over two percent of their betting bankroll on any one game — not matter how "good" the game looks before it is played.

Are there any things that are forbidden to be posted on this site by a client on the discussion pages?

Dan will be happy to have just about all rational discourse and questions posted on the discussion pages — even posts that show disagreement with him. Unlike many touts, Dan does not consider himself any sort of "deity" and feels that betting/handicapping sports is a continual learning experience. And while clients are paying him money to be helped by him and his insights, Dan certainly always sees the possibility that a client could have an insight that Dan — as well as his other clients — finds helpful and can learn from.

Three categories of posts that will not be tolerated on this site are: 1) Discussion and encouragement of any illegal activity, 2) Malicious and unsubstantiated attacks on Dan or any of his clients, 3) Any "spam" that gets into the site on the discussion boards.

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