NFL and NBA Handicapping

NFL Finishes at 28-15-2 (65.1% Winners!): Rest of NBA Season: $400

Welcome to Dan Gordon's new web site,! Clients of this site will get to follow the NFL and NBA point spread picks of Dan Gordon, who has won for clients over 56% of the time in these two sports going back to the 1996 NFL season and the 1999-2000 NBA season.

Clients on this site also get to read Dan's insights on games and NFL and NBA handicapping. These insights on his NFL point spread selections are shared with clients in the Weekly NFL round-up which is first posted on Wednesday evenings. And when he has time to do so, Dan also shares insights on his NBA point spread selections.

Clients are also strongly encouraged to ask Dan any questions on NFL and NBA point spread selections, and they can be assured of Dan's prompt response. In addition, via the special forums created for this purpose, clients are encouraged to have "dialogue" amongst themselves concerning NFL and NBA handicapping as well as Dan's NFL and NBA point spread selections.

Unlike many sports services, Dan does not talk about "lock" games or games that "can't lose." He just gives out NFL and NBA selections that have a solid long-range edge for those who wager on them. Dan looks at NFL and NBA wagering as a business and stresses that his clients should do so as well.

NFL point spread selections can first be posted on the site early Monday morning for the following week's games. First NBA point spread selections are posted around 1:00PM PT the day before the games are played. Games count as selections in the service record only if the "strike points" at which Dan tells his clients to wager are deemed to be "widely available" to clients.

Also unlike other services, Dan grades his selections BEFORE the games are played. In addition, ALL clients receive the SAME selections with the same emphasis on each. There is just "one tier" of selections for Dan's clients, and all get the best he has to offer on NFL and NBA point spread and other types of selections. Some services have varied prices for different services — and all but the most expensive, in effect, give out games and other selections that are less than the "service's best." Thus, the service record shown on Dan's selections is the FULL STORY as to how Dan and his clients have done with them.

So, welcome to the site. Dan hopes to make the coming NFL and NBA seasons most profitable ones for you!

The Book

Gordon, Dan, Beat the Sports Books: An Insider's Guide to Betting the NFL, 2001, revised Cardoza Publishing 2005

This football handicapping book uncovers for the first time the trade secrets of one of the best football handicappers in the world. Here he shares his inside tips and strategies on making big money betting NFL football. You’ll learn basic, advanced, and expert concepts on setting up betting models, using power ratings, and separating performance from perception. Gordon provides a step-by-step guide to odds, point spreads, and money lines, and shows how to bet underdogs, propositions, teasers, parlays, and more.

The Software

Dan Gordons's NFL Handicapping Companion

A CD companion to Beat the Sports Books: An Insider's Guide to Betting the NFL. Automatic weekly update to scores and handicapping data via the Internet. This includes phony wins, phony losses, sloppy wins, home advantage adjustments, and mid-season team rankings. Auto weekly download of Dan's subjective adjustments. Automatic calculation of number power rankings, letter power rankings, due ups/downs, projected lines, and win percentages. Automatically makes weekly adjustments according to 13 rules from Beat the Sports Books.

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